Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Back With a New Found Passion

OK, so I know I have to blog on a regular basis or at least more than three in the past nine months for this whole blogging thing to work, so here it is. I'm dedicated to updating my blog on a weekly basis, if not more.

I started this blog when I was three months pregnant with my first baby. What a ride. My little boy Milo is now in this world and has been a wonderful gift full of unexpected experiences. That poor child has a photographer, ME, as his mother. And, everyday of his precious little life, for the past eleven weeks, my sweet Milo has been subject to a camera whoring mama. But, with his sacrifices, I've developed a new passion. Photographing babies.

Ten years ago when I imagined what type of photographer I was going to be, it involved a tall slender sleek model, always in a red flowing dress, with designers and assistants running around all working together to make that perfect commercial shot. Five years ago, I was definitely heading in the direction of travel photographer. Never did I imagine I'd want to photograph babies and pregnancy, weddings, families and all that other gooshy stuff. But here I am, a mama taking TONS of photos of my little baby and now I want to create images for other mamas that they can just gush over for the rest of their lives.

Who'd ever thought! This is only the beginning.

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