Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spending Maternity Leave Building a Portfolio

Aside from being a new mamma and spending quality time bonding with my sweet baby Milo, I've been taking advantage of being surrounded by all these babies to build my portfolio. I would say I'm in the experimental stage right now. Do I want to be a studio baby portrait photographer, or do I prefer shooting on location? Do I have the ability to connect with children and babies to keep them engaged? Patience is key to capturing these little wiggle worms, happy one second, belting out screeches the next. Can I keep up?

These are all questions I have to ask myself as I move forward with baby photography. I've never really been one for the studio, not with a background in photojournalism anyway, although I do enjoy playing around in the studio. I've had an opportunity a few days ago, to photograph my nephew at his grandma's house, a place that he's very familiar with, and I absolutely love their house for photographing in. I learned that it's very difficult to be the photographer while packing my baby in the Bjorn. The upside, I got to squeeze in a few shoots of my little guy.

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