Monday, October 12, 2009

Lovin' the Prego Belly

Well, I had the pleasure of photographing another beautiful prego belly this past week and am surely starting to grow a portfolio full of bellies and babies. I've known Ruthie for over ten years now, and was thrilled that we re-connected when I was nine months pregnant, and she was still in her first trimester. She's due any day now and with the help of her awesome boyfriend, Matt, we were able to shoot through a 3 hour session. Thanks Ruthie for modeling. I hope you enjoy the photos.


Sara said...

These photos are fantastic! I met Ruthie back when her daughter Morgynne was just a baby (omg that's dating us all!), and it's thrilling to see Ruthie glowing in her pregnancy. Becca, you are just fantastic all around. When I have a big ol' belly like this, I am having you take pictures somehow. Do they let uber-preggo ladies on planes? No? Then I'm driving down!

Monica Badgley said...

Becca you did an amazing job.Ruth, you look so beautiful.

monkeymom said...

My Ru is so beautiful, love the pics Rebecca you did a GREAT job!