Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slow Down Boy

Well, today Milo rolled all the way over for the first time. He's been able to get pretty far over on his side for a couple of days now, but wasn't able to get his arm out from under his body. Today, he sat on his arm for a good five minutes, and of course when I was looking down at my camera he pulled his arm out and made a successful roll. Woohoo!

Prepping to roll.

The roll begins.

Almost there buddy.

This is where he chills on his arm for a bit.

Aaah, finally!

He didn't seem sad, but he had this little tear on his cheek after the first roll. I don't think it was all that easy. With a huge effort and a lot of dedication he made it. The second time he did it a lot faster and the third time he rolled like a pro.

Congratulations boy, you'll soon be able to run from mama.

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