Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just Back From Upstate NY- Part II

While attending school in Rochester, NY I frequently went and visited the Chotkowski farm (a.k.a. Spring Flight Farm) where I ended up honing in on my photography skills. Using their house for my architectural photography assignments, documenting Christian and his family life for my editorial class, and photographing the land and animals just for the sake of doing so where significant influences in my development as a photographer.

So, on each visit to the farm, I trip around photographing their property that sits on the tippy-top of a hill, photographing it's land, animals, and people. This time was different though. I got to photograph my baby boy Milo amidst all the textures and props around the property. An Adirondack chair that just so happened to be sitting in the sun run was perfect for Milo. A full cow hide with fur attached was a wonderful backdrop for the little guy, and he was quite entertained by the long hair. One really cool prop was a basket that his Grandpa John was photographed in as a child. Good stuff.

And, the photographic adventure on Spring Flight Farm wouldn't have been complete without photographing the puppy Greta. She's such a ham in front of the camera.

The trip to Elmira was a short one this time, but certainly sweet. Thanks John and Jacquelyn for having us. We had a great time.

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