Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two More To Go

Only two more months until Milo is one-year-old. I just can't believe it! As tradition has it, we set out for his "special" photo shoot celebrating another month past since his birth. With only 40 minutes left of daylight, we threw his overalls on and grabbed the adorable OshKosh B'gosh hat and headed to Depot Park where we caught the last bit of sun. The hat came from Sandbox, a wonderful consignment store in town, and since I can't photograph Milo in the same hat more than a couple times, I love digging through their ever changing assortment and being inspired by what I find.

Being a mama has brought so much joy, inspiration, and motivation to my life. I know the hubby Christian feels the same.

Milo, thank you for being who you are. Watching you grow is truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Happy ten months!

This one looks a little scary.

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Ruethee said...

Oh my goodness!! We need to get together soon, for sure. Today was Indigo's 5 months. Our little babes are growing up so fast. Good thing we take a lot of pictures. Great shots, as always!