Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh man!

Oh man!  One more month until I'm the mother of a one year old.  Where in the bleep did the time go.  Although we didn't have time to do the "official" month birthday photo session, I did manage to get lots of candid images of Milo yesterday during his unofficial celebration of turning eleven months.  

A good splash in the dogs water started out our day before going to his friends one year birthday party.  I dressed him up in his Easter clothes (which he never wore 'cause it was raining and we stayed home), only to get trashed when crawling around on the deck.  Heck, aren't babies suppose to get dirty?   

The boy is really on the move now.  The days of propping him up in front of the camera and making funny sounds to get him to laugh are over.  I am now reaching to my photojournalism roots to capture his progressive movements.  Well, our next "special" photo shoot will be extra special.  It's just craziness!

Here are some other of my favorites from this past week:

His new big smile (with teeth).  

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