Friday, June 18, 2010

Playground Fantastico is Fantastic

Alright, so I got this e-mail several months ago from a fellow mama notifying me of this great playground called Playground Fantastico in Napa.  Milo and I went today and can I say AWESOME!  There's two playgrounds, one for the youngsters and one for the older kids, both are equally as cool.  There was this cool little water feature stream thing that Milo absolutely loved, little buildings, huge cement creatures, swings, wood chips, sand, grass, huge musical instruments, steering wheels....  And that's just the tots playground.

When I was a child living in Woodland, our school (which happened to be in the middle of cornfields) had the greatest play structure.  We called it the "Creative".  It was this towering wooden structure all splintery with nails popping up, but with poles to slide down, bars to swings across, things to climb, it was so much fun.  Fantastico's big kid playground reminded me of this but much safer with painted wood and recycled plastic boards and shaped like a castle.

If you're a mama, a papa, a grandparent, a babysitter, or anyone that is around kids, you HAVE to take them to this park.

p.s.- Milo is 13 months today.  He looks like a little boy in these photos.  Crazy!

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