Monday, June 7, 2010

Western Style

You want an extravagant party?  Mrs. Julie Atwood is the woman to call.  She is an extraordinary event planner in Sonoma Valley who has an extensive background in design and creates stunning party atmosphere's.  For this Kenwood school fundraiser, Julie transformed her barn into a scene from a western movie.  Pulling from three different party supply companies and her own stockpile of props, Julie used old oil lanterns, tons of votive candles in old canning jars, lounger with plush pillows, an assortment of rustic and shiny lines, and a wagon to set the mood.  She was able to blend old with new almost seamlessly.

I love Julie's sense of design and always look forward to photographing her setups.  Her barn (which she regularly rents out for events), is the perfect backdrop for parties.  Here's some of my top pics from this setup.

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