Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Red Balloon

I've always wanted to check out the abandoned naval base Mare Island in Vallejo.  I've heard that it's a fantastic place for photography with some really interesting textures, a true sense of abandonment, and dilapidated old buildings.  Knowing what I was in for, I had already snapped the images in my head and knew my little boy Milo had to be involved and he HAD to have a red balloon.  The model and the prop mixed with some dramatic lighting forced the fine artist out of me.  So we set off, myself, Christian, and Milo to enter this "Twighlight Zone" type of a place.  It was just as creepy and desolate as I expected.  Perfect!

I'll have to go back there one of these days, just myself and my camera and document this strange place.  In actuality parts of it are becoming occupied again such as a suburban community nestled in one corner and a college in another, but that's for another day and another post.

Thank you to my awesome lighting assistant, a.k.a. my husband.  His willingness to act as a voice activated light stand is always appreciated.  Being married to a photographer is not always easy.  Love you babe!

Here are my favorite takes.

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