Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Glitz, Glamor, and Dancing

This past weekend I was asked by event planning extraordinaire, Julie Atwood, to photograph her sparkling and glitzy event design which transformed the vets building into a glamorous dance hall for the Sonoma Valley Hospitals, Dance With Our Stars fundraiser event.  Wow, did the event hall grab peoples attention and make them want to get up and dance.  I secretly wanted to check out this event, so I was thrilled when asked to come photograph the setup.

I have to admit.  This is probably the most challenging setup I've ever photographed for Julie.  But I love a challenge.  Getting the glimmer to really reflect of the sequins table clothes and incorporating the gel lights produced by Lux Productions created some stunning images that really captured the scene.

Staying for the whole event wasn't my intention, but after photographing the setup, I  had to hang out for the dance competition and see some wonderful locals show off their dance moves.  Not to mention the amazing cheese table presented by Bea Beasley & Company catering luring me (the 28 week pregnant lady) into the scene.  Here are some of my favorite shots depicting the event from setup to competition and a few things in between.

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