Saturday, November 6, 2010

Perfect Morning

Is this really my life?  That was the question of the morning.  "It doesn't get much better than this" I kept telling myself.  The brisk morning air mixed with soft and sometimes dramatic light drew me towards a walk in the vineyard with Milo by my side and camera in hand.  The colors are so beautiful right now, and my little boy who seems to be rapidly growing is just the most precious thing that's ever been in my life.  To be able to take my love of photography and wrap these two things into one little photograph is just perfect.

Milo discovered (I mean really discovered) his shadow this morning.  Running from it.  Laughing at it.  Waving to it.  I just sat in the middle of the vineyard taking it all in and capturing as much as I could and I just felt lucky.  Lucky to live where I do, lucky to be a mom, lucky to follow my dreams.  There's no better way to start the day than a perfect morning.

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