Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Weeks Uncertainty, Today's Achievement

Well, this week has been full of uncertainty as I've been preparing for today's wedding open house at Ramekins Culinary School and Event Center here in Sonoma while approaching 7 days of being over-due.  I've been expecting the birth of my second baby at any moment for the past several weeks and when I agreed to participate in todays open house, I suspected I'd be working with the challenge of having a newborn baby's schedule to work around.  To my surprise, there's no baby and I was able to fully participate in todays events.

Ramekin's is a wonderful little event center and culinary school and I feel honored to be connected to them.  As part of a small set of vendors invited to participate in the open house, I was able to meet several couples shopping for their perfect wedding experience.  Being my first show of this kind, I was eager to see what it was all about and present my services.  So in a way, thank you baby girl for not making your way into this world today.

Thank you to my good friend Jessica for being there to support me and being willing to work the booth alone in the case I could not make the occasion.  You totally rock!

Here's my booth, and some pretty flower arrangements created by Catherine Scott Flowers.

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