Saturday, April 16, 2011

Napa Valley Architectural Photographer ~ Sundance Ranch Comes to Life

The word is getting out that my architectural photography hones in on something a little bit different.  People say that my photos of spaces have life breathed into them.  That there is something very welcoming that the images portray.  I haven't done much as far as real estate photography, but the past month I've gotten several inquiries to photograph some pretty fabulous properties.  Sundance Ranch was an especially neat one to capture.

Spanning 23 acres, the Ranch's centerpiece is a gorgeous post and beam barn constructed by renowned architect Howard Backen.  My inherent liking toward photographing this property is deep rooted by the fact that my father was an equine vet when I was growing up.  I've spent countless hours around ranches like this (and not like this), and around horses.  We had fun incorporating the ranch kids and their horses into the shoot.  These are some of my favorites.

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Jean Cruz said...

Oh please stop me but your photos are really adorable. You brought the real pictures of ranch so its life. Huh, it made me miss the Texas Ranches.