Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just Back From Upstate NY- Part I

Well, the Chotkowski family just came back from our first trip to the east coast with little Milo. The boy was overloaded with a whole lot of firsts. His first time on an airplane (five and a half straight hours), his first time going to Grandma Jacquelyn and Grandpa John's cattle farm in upstate New York, and his first time meeting Great Grandma Nina, his Great, Great, Uncle Bob, and Second Cousin Terry. It was his first time seeing a Scottish Highland cow, the first time seeing and touching snow, and the first time feeling the chill of 15 degree weather. Although we only spent two full days there, it was packed full of family fun, eating yummy winter grub that Jacquelyn cooked up and lots of Nina's famous Christmas cookies, and as usual photographing everyone and everything around the farm. It was great to show Milo where his papa comes from and wonderful for Christian to get a little taste of home.

Milo did an awesome job on the plane. A couple small
fuss's but that's it. Thank you Milo!

Milo in one hand, shooting the snowy
mountain peaks out the window with
the other hand.

I'm pretty sure this is Utah from above.

We are now those people. Parents walking down the
airplane isle keeping baby Milo occupied. Wooh Hoo!

These cool marshmallow looking things are round bales
of hay wrapped in plastic.

In the tractor with Dziadek (Polish for Grandpa).

Setting foot in the snow for the first time.

Do I have to say anything for this one.

Great Grandma Nina

Milo loved his 2nd Cousin Terry.

This photo of Milo meeting a Highland calf was right
before the little cow took off running.

Great, Great, Uncle Bob

All bundled up for the chilly weather.

Greta, the sweet puppy dog loves being outside with
the fam.

Scottish Highland calfs

Grandma Jacquelyn reading a very
serious Milo a magazine.

Our way back home, a cool tunnel full of changing
colored lights at the Detroit airport.


Unknown said...

Your brother LOVES your aerial shots of the topography, and I do too!

Ruethee said...

I love these. I really like the one of Cheristian and Milo walking the airplane aisle.

Unknown said...

These are great. What interesting cows. My Sister's grandkids call their grandpa by the same polish name.