Monday, January 18, 2010

Heartfelt Eight Months

As you might know by now, I like to celebrate every month birthday with my boy Milo by doing a special photo shoot. Today we were blessed with rain, which I love both personally and as a photographer, so the family decided to pack the car with gear and head to downtown Sonoma. We decided to use the historic Blue Wing Inn and Mission for their wonderful backdrops and great texture. This "bad weather" brings with it such vibrancy in color, a subtle balance between light and dark, and everything just looks better when it's wet. Milo enjoyed being carried around from spot to spot in his teal bucket, and Christian, my husband rocks for playing the role of assistant.

So eight months has gone by since Milo's entrance into this world. And, in those short eight months he's past milestone after milestone. Today he has two teeth. He eats a wide assortment of mashed up foods (his favorite being squash and leak soup). He puts everything, I mean everything into his mouth. He is starting to crawl which is more like a push and scoot. And, he's talking (in his own words) like he's never done before. It sure is neat watching him grow. Well, here are the photos of the little guy. Enjoy!


Megan Clouse said...

so precious!! i love the blue bucket too.

Unknown said...

and you finished the series with a crawling Milo!!! So cool.