Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lovin' the Rainy Days

Most people wouldn't suspect that a photographer's favorite time to photograph is when it's raining out, or actually, right after the rain. But for me, those are the golden moments that make me want to step outside and capture Sonoma's beautiful landscape. As I mentioned in my last post, everything looks better wet. The colors just come alive, everything glistens, and the broken clouds in the sky add so much dimension.

Every so often I have someone approach me on a sweltering, bright summer day and say "isn't it the perfect weather for photography." Every time I just grit my teeth and smile, but inside I'm remembering what winter offers as far as magical soft light, beautiful saturated hues, and dramatic clouds filling the sky. It's too bad more people don't have weddings and portrait sessions in the dead of winter.

One of my favorite spots in Sonoma is the Carneros region. It's often a forgotten region for locals to explore and offers something a bit different than the valley with rolling hills and towering mountains on either side of it. It's quite a bit flatter, elevation is low, and from parts you can look right across the San Pablo bay to Vallejo. It's a cool area and definitely worth the short drive to check it out (right on Ramal Road) from the highway.

Yippee for rain!

Here's a shot of our tiny Sonoma Creek. It wasn't so tiny earlier this week.

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