Saturday, February 13, 2010

Take My Baby To Work Day

It was bound to happen at some point, when motherhood and my career would intersect and I'd find myself going on a photo shoot with Milo. Well, this was the week. Monday I was suppose to photograph this entire property while Milo was with his papa, but mid afternoon rains sent me packing forcing me to finish the shoot another day. Problem was, we didn't know what day would offer decent weather, so I knew with only an hour or two worth of shooting left to do, I'd be able to pack the boy in the Ergo carrier (if need be) while I shot the exteriors of this home. Sure enough, weather was good on Wednesday, Christian was at work, so together, Milo and I went on a job.

I tried the stroller at first, that lasted a whole 5 minutes. Then, I packed him up in the carrier. He's pretty comfy it it and that lasted about an hour. We had some down time photographing the property between daylight and twilight, so it was time to turn the camera on Milo, taking full advantage of the colorful pool house and bright red chairs. All in all, it went really well. There's absolutely no way I could pull it off for a full day shoot, or even a half day, but the couple hours worked out fine.

Thanks Lorna for taking this photo.

Here's some of my favorite images from the actual shoot.

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