Monday, March 29, 2010

HPL Opened It's Door's Today

Yippee! Historic Plaza Liquors is open to the public as of 10 a.m. this morning. Christian opened the doors to family for the first purchases before opening to the public. The first dollar was spent on a pack of dark chocolate M&M's (which we later toasted with).

The day went really smooth. A lot of people came in and were awed by the changes made to the space. Christian was super proud, as he should be and it was fun watching him work his own store. I'm really excited for him, for our family, and our community for getting this town's liquor store back.

If you're in Sonoma, stop by, check out the renovated space, and say hi!

The first dollar spent...

...on a pack of M&M's

I know Christian would have loved to share this day with his parents in person, but this gorgeous bouquet that his parents sent was a wonderful way to know that they were there in their hearts.

It's official.

My dad and sleepy nephew.


Ruethee said...

SO excited for you guys!! And, as usual, awesome photos...

Unknown said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I look forward to checking out the shop next time I am in town. Great pics.