Friday, July 23, 2010

Nurturing Back to Health Isn't So Bad

My sweet little boy Milo has been super ill for the past few days with a really high fever and some mild cough like symptoms.  No mother wants to see her child(ren) suffering or in any discomfort EVER, but I have to admit, the bonding we've had these past days has been priceless.

Pushing everything aside to be nurturing mama leaves me a bit more gratified than I could have imagined.  Milo laying on my stomach for two hours strait, sleeping next to me until 11 in the morning, playing "what in this house will you eat?", and never leaving my side has been surprisingly uplifting.  I love that sweetie pie of a boy and would do anything for him.

These photos are from earlier this week, celebrating 14 months of life, and helping out with laundry.

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