Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birthday Photo

All I really wanted for my birthday was a special photo of my sweet boy Milo.  Christian and I set out with the gear to explore Mare Island, an abandoned military base in our neighbor town Vallejo.  When we approached the road where we were to swing a left, we saw the traffic dead stopped for miles so we decided to skip that photo excursion and head strait to dinner.  Whenever I plan on taking special pictures (especially of my son) and it doesn't work out, I feel a sense of despair.  I know, it's kinda pathetic.  So on our way back from dinner we stopped by this old truck that I've always wanted to photograph Milo with, the sun was going down fast, but we managed to set up and get mile to stay in one place for a moment while there was still some color in the sky.

I love this shot!  I love my son!  I love my husband who fought against the wind to ensure my light stand wouldn't go crashing!  Thanks for the happy day Milo and Christian.

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