Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Love Weddings

This past weekend I had the privilege to go to a wedding as a guest, not a hard working photographer.  It was such a treat to just relax and have fun with my family.  Don't get me wrong, I have tons of fun photographing weddings, but the relaxing part seems to get left at home on those days.  Spending much of my time collecting hors d'oeuvres, sipping on Shirley Temples, and trying three types of desert is something I'd never get to do or have the nerve to do while working.

Kaily and Kadin's wedding was held at Quarry Hill Botanical Gardens in Sonoma which is not an event venue, this is Kaily's fathers place.  I've known Kaily since I was in junior high and we were friends for quite some time.  Some years ago, my Aunt from Montana married her uncle from Montana, it was just a fluke, some strange coincidence which ultimately made us some how related.  So it was neat to see my family as well as local friends in this single space.

I didn't spend too much time photographing (I didn't want to be the guest who acts like photographer), but did have fun taking some detail shots especially the mix-match flower arrangements designed by the brides mother's book club, the multi-colored and multi-shaped wine glasses, glowing canning jars, and hand made bride and groom toasting glasses.  And, as always, I took lots of photos of my little boy Milo, especially during his laugh out loud streak during some very heart felt toasts.

Congratulations Kaily and Kadin, your wedding was delightful, original, colorful, and an absolute blast.

That's Xander Man my sweet 20 month nephew.

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Kerry said...

It's precious to read your perspective of Kaily & Kadin's rocking wedding. It was definitely unique! Kaily even made her own napkins during the long Montana winter, and Kadin shot the elk that went into the homemade appetizers. The happy couple went off to honeymoon in Morro Bay.

Thanks for being part of it!

Mother of the bride