Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Product... And, I'm Excited

I am so excited to be offering this new product to my customers.  They are digitally printed fine art prints that are absolutely beautiful.  I just received my first sample yesterday and it was beyond my expectations.  The color is exceptional.  The frame and mat are of great quality.  And overall, I'm very impressed.

Digital printing has an advantage over traditional photographic prints for many reasons.  First, it's an eco-friendly process doing away with chemical processing.  Second, the color consistency and quality can be far superior.  And third, the archival properties long outlast traditional prints and you can expect your prints to last up to 100 years without fading.  These prints are protected from fading and scratching with a UV coat.

There are 12 paper types to choose from ranging from a Lustre photographic style paper to an eco-friendly sugar cane paper which has a gorgeous "artistic" texture.  There are 32 styles of frames offered including skinny frames, traditional frames, and floating frames.  There all 100% sustainable wood or 80% recycled materials frames.  The prints are mounted and matted, can be set behind scratch resistant plexi glass, and are finished off with black paper backing and ready to hang.

I'm such a photo nerd right now.  I'm sooo excited about these prints!

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Unknown said...

This is exciting! I have been wondering how I might go about ordering some of the work you have done of our sweet alexander in much the same way. I would like very much to place an order :-)