Friday, December 17, 2010

Almost One and He's a Total Gem

Little Zaven is almost one and just adorable as could be.  I was really excited when his mama called me up asking me to photograph her little bundle because I just knew my camera would love him.  Mama Narin chose the perfect sunny December morning for this photo session.  We met in the Sonoma Plaza and ventured through the playground, made our way to some vibrant yellow leaves, and then landed at some of the historic sites around the plaza.

Even with the morning chill, Zaven hammed it up for some great shots.  I've known his parents since I was a teenager and it's always something special to photograph people I know especially now that we all have growing families and share this wonderful bond.

Thank you Zaven, Narin, and Ryan for a wonderful morning photo session.  You totally rock!

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