Saturday, August 6, 2011

To My Grandma with Love

One month ago today, my Grandma Camie passed after complications following surgery to remove cancer from one of her lungs.  Our family was hit hard and none of us were quite ready to say good-bye, but when the time came we all had to be strong and let her go.  I have had the great fortune of having all my grandparents around well into my adult years until now, and with this loss all I can do is move forward with a greater respect for life and hold on to the memories that I have of my Grandma so I can share them with my children.

It just so happened that the Sonoma Relay for Life event was happening today and walking a couple laps around the high school track remembering my Grandma's life seemed like the best way to spend my afternoon.  Thank you Emily at the IT for spreading the word with your awesome article.

To my Grandma with Love: I will miss you, and I will be sure to share your story with your great grandchildren.  You were a wonderful woman who contributed to shaping my life and I thank you for that.  Rest in Peace!!!

Me and Grandma on my wedding day in 2007.
My Grandparents had this stellar, out of this world relationship that was full of love.  Such an inspiration!

Milo and I created Luminaire's (a.k.a- bags with candles) in Memory during todays Relay for Life.

People walk as part of teams for a total of 24 hours in honor of those who have survived and those who have lost their battle to cancer.  Relay for life is created by the American Cancer Society the leading organization in cancer prevention and research.

I wasn't able to stay until sun down, but these bags line the track and as night falls candles illuminate them.

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