Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wine Country Wedding Photographer ~ Made of Love

Meet Kerry & Norm, an exuberant young-at-heart couple who found their way to each other through this little thing we call the Internet.  A mere 6 months after they met and many dates later, Norm knew she was the one and popped the big question.  Kerry gladly accepted and their engagement would last well over a year. Between the two of them, there are seven lovely adult children (three of Kerry's and four of Norms).  You would never know by seeing Kerry and Norm on their wedding day that this was a second marriage for both of them.  They were totally like young kids just finding love for the first time, completely into each other.

Throughout the months of planning, Kerry (who is also kinda-sorta my Aunt by marriage), kept assuring me that her wedding was extremely modest and that I shouldn't expect to see anything extravagant.  Her plan was to have family and friends help with everything from designing the flowers to catering the dinner. It was to be a homemade wedding made of love!  To my complete and pleasant surprise, her family and friends where super talented and had created this gorgeous wedding full of vibrant colors and it wasn't modest at all.

Everyone involved in this wedding was either family or friends.  The incredible bouquets and boutonnieres where designed by family friend, Brook H. (who's family business is Valley Flora).  Brook and Kerry's daughter Alaina planted Kerry's backyard with flowers last spring to use for the bouquets, including the fresh strawberries.  Brook and Alaina were also in charge of the table centerpieces decorated with fresh apples, cherries, blackberries and flowers.  Whatever didn't come from the garden was filled in with purchased things.  The incredible spread of food was catered by Kerry's book club and the cake was made by her two daughters.  Wow!  I could keep going and going about this wedding and how innovative they were to make this an incredible but affordable event.

Congratulations Kerry and Norm!!!

The things I love:

~ The venue was the Dance Barn.  Jeff's private residence in Kenwood.
~ The flowers and centerpieces were Brook H. with her husband Dan G. and Kerry's daughter Alaina
    created with flowers and fruit picked out of Kerry's garden.
~ The coordinator was Niece Brianna.
~ The fabulous food came from The Kenwood Crones book group.
~ The decorated champaign flutes and wine glasses were made for Kerry's daughter wedding last
    summer and will be handed down to the next family members wedding.
~ The amazing cake was made by Kerry's daughter Kaily and Alaina (their 2nd wedding cake ever).
~ Wedding dance was choreographed by Edna Lucero (both Kerry and Norm are avid dancers).
~ Dress came from Wine Country Bridal.
~ Shoes are dance shoes with suede soles that Kerry picked up at a dance convention.

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