Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Milo's a traveling boy

For us Californian's we are all too familiar with traveling along I-5 to get from point A to point B. This past weekend, Milo had his first adventure taking the infamous freeway up to Grants Pass, Oregon for my grandfathers surprise 80th birthday party. Along for the ride was my mom (Patricia), brother (Sean), sister-in-law (Liz), and nephew/ cuz (Alexander). What would usually be a five hour drive was more like nine with the little ones. Lot's of stops along the 5 proved to be full of excitement. Milo handled the long drive like a trooper.

After a full day of driving we made it to our quaint (and a little spooky) farmhouse rental in Grants Pass. The following day was my grandpas surprise birthday party. Due to a first tooth bursting through Milo's gums, myself and him missed the actual surprise but were able to join in the fun after some baby Tylenol kicked in. Apparently my grandpa John was really surprised. He had no idea that five of his six kids along with grandchildren and great grandchildren would make their ways to Oregon to celebrate the day. It was my grandpa's and grandma's first time meeting Milo and second time seeing Alexander. They sure love them babies!

Anyway, the trip went well. Milo did great on his first vacation, even with that dang tooth coming in. I was happy to celebrate my grandpa's birthday with him and the rest of the family. And, I totally missed my husband who couldn't make it.

Burning the fields off I-5.

Milo's first ever rest stop experience.

The rest stop is way more eventful than it use to be.

Cuz Alexander enjoys being out of the car.

Milo likes climbing trees apparently.

We're caravaning.

I think we pass over the Sacramento River 3 times going North.

Saved by the fingers.

Milo just takes it all in from the car.

Our rental house.

My Aunt Debby. She took care of decorations for the party.
There's my mom and Alexander in the background. My mom
took care of wine and the best carrot cake I've ever had.

Grandma Cammie holding Milo for the first time.

My Aunt Sandy organized this whole surprise birthday party.

And there's the birthday boy. Grandpa John.

Sitting and holding. That looks way safer.

If anyone wondered where I got my looks from, well, here it is. My
Aunt Sandy, Aunt Debby, my mom, and Aunt Diana.

Damn cute babies can sure steal the show.

Happy Birthday Grandpa.

Milo loved my cousin Jenny. He was so relaxed around her, he fell
asleep in her arms.

Grandma Patricia with the cousins.

Milo really liked looking at his great grandpa.

Thank you Aunt Sandy for taking these great
photos of me and my little boy in the forest.

Having fun at great grandparents house.

So sweet.

Our last moments at the rental house before packing the car and
coming back to Cali.


Ms. Patricia said...

Becca, These are beautiful pictures. It was fun traveling with my children, Liz and my grandchildren. It was delightful to see my parents enjoy their grandchildren & great grandchildren.


Ruethee said...

great pictures!!! (duh, as usual!)

it looks like milo and alexander are almost the same size these days!

Yvette Talbot said...

It was great to meet Milo and Alexander as they are both gorgous babies, and it was also great to see all of you as well.It was a good time.

Love Yvette.